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  • How Topseal Are Making Your Home More Habitable

    May 29 2018

    Not content with revolutionising the flat roof market, Topseal is now bringing light to the dark places of the world

    Well, the UK at least, with Solatube Lighting Systems.

    Solatube’s ingenious daylight lighting systems slot into ceilings deprived of natural light, transforming your daily living experience.

    And, they stop cash being wasted on energy bills by trying to artificially lift the gloom from your darkest rooms.

    With Solatube, no room need be dreary again. These natural daylight providers can be fitted into any room or in the home without any structural changes: kitchens and utility rooms, hallways and doorways, landings and living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, loft conversions and lots more.

    Solatube’s innovative technology guarantees the maximum amount of light gets delivered to your previously dim-lit rooms. They possess patented dome technologies and the worlds’ most reflective tubing – 99.9% efficient – making them the world leader at letting the light in.

    If you want to make your home more habitable and comfortable, day in, day out, by enjoying more daylight, contact Topseal

    Tel: 01423 886495 email: enquiries@topseal.co.uk

    Solatube Lighting Systems: Key Facts

    · BBA certified so compliant with building regulations

    · Patented technology helps tunnel maximum light from roof to darkened rooms

    · Easy Installation

    · Maintenance Free

    · 10 Year Product Warranty

    · Acoustically and thermally efficient

Design your roof

design your roof

With a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from Topseal can produce a completely bespoke roof, just the way you want it. Click below to design your perfect Topseal flat roof.

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Simulated Lead

design your roof

Topseal is used extensively as a lead/copper replacement or alternative for roofs, gutter linings and complex architectural detail work.

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