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  • Topseal Direct Lay - Your Innovative Flat Roofing Solution

    January 26 2018

    If you have a flat roof which needs re-laying, but you are concerned about the cost and effort of removing your existing surface, fear no more. The Topseal Direct Lay Roofing System is a ground-breaking liquid-applied fibreglass roofing system which can be laid on top of your existing roof.

    Topseal Direct Lay
    BREAKING THE MOULD: Topseal Direct Lay

    Direct lay roofing can be put down on a range of materials including felt, asphalt, concrete, GRP and even tissue-backed insulation. All components are completely cold applied, a safer method as it eliminates the risk associated with the use of heat or

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    Where can you install direct lay roofing?

    Topseal Direct Lay - a liquid applied GRP roofing system - is specifically designed for the flat roofing refurbishment and flat roof repair market. Because of this, it has been designed to be installed almost anywhere.

    Quick and Minimal Disruption!

    Topseal Direct Lay roofing is not only cost effective - it’s time smart too. Because our installation team will not need to rip up your existing roofing, it is a quicker, cleaner job and meansthat you can carry on living or working in the building with minimal disruption.

    With a guaranteed watertight finish, a Topseal direct lay roof can be installed pretty much anywhere - even over felt,
    asphalt and concrete.

    Find out more here, or call today on 08000 831 094 and find out how we can help you solve
    your leaky roof now.


    Guaranteed to be Top Quality

    As with all Topseal systems, Topseal direct lay comes with a 20-year guarantee of workmanship and material performance.

    Suitable for refurbishment roofing projects and new builds, direct lay is BBA certified. No new decking boards are required, and it can be installed even quicker than a standard fibreglass roofing system.

    Topseal has a nationwide network of approved installers, all of whom have been trained to our exacting standards.

    To book in a free quote and find out how we can fit a direct lay roof at your home or business get in touch today.

    View a gallery of some of our Topseal roofing products here, and read up on our list of certificates which guarantee the quality of our work here.

    So find out more here, or call today on 08000 831 094 to see how we can help you solve your leaky roof now!

Design your roof

design your roof

With a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from Topseal can produce a completely bespoke roof, just the way you want it. Click below to design your perfect Topseal flat roof.

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Simulated Lead

design your roof

Topseal is used extensively as a lead/copper replacement or alternative for roofs, gutter linings and complex architectural detail work.

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Installer Verification

Every Topseal installer is allocated a unique verification number to prevent 3rd party misrepresentation. You should always ask any Topseal installer for their verification number. Enter it below to confirm their identity.