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    March 23 2017

    Ian Moffatt, Business Manager at Topseal, looks at the opportunities for roofers and contractors in the flat roof market.

    “There’s good news for roofers and contractors - the market for flat roofing has grown steadily over the last two years (source AMA Research*). Although growth has been steady, it has been continuous and market forecasters predict that demand for flat roofs will continue to increase in the next few years, as building owners, facilities managers and contractors recognise how it can be more cost effective to replace, rather than repair a flat roof.

    As traditional flat roof materials, such as Asphalt and Felt, can cause a major maintenance burden, particularly in Autumn and Winter time, building owners and facilities managers are regularly faced with the question of whether to have a flat roof repaired or to go for the longer term option of a complete roof refurbishment.

    In the past few months we have seen an increase in enquiries from roofers, maintenance companies and joiners looking to become Topseal Approved Installers. This is largely been driven by demand from the market for complete new or refurbishment flat roof coverings, rather than ad-hoc repairs and many contractors have identified this as a potentially lucrative new income stream.

    So, with a number of different flat roofing systems out there, which one do you choose? The benefit with Topseal is that installers have the backing of a company that has 20+ years’ experience in manufacturing high quality accredited fibreglass flat roofing systems. We also provide a two day intensive training course at our head office in Harrogate for all our installers, as well as technical and specification support.

    Once installers complete the training course successfully, they have to complete the approval process which includes onsite inspections before becoming fully Topseal approved. Once the company and installers are approved they can benefit from our sales and marketing support. Our technical team also carries out site visits and inspections, where required. Installers have the reassurance that all our GRP roofing systems are BBA-certified and suitable for domestic and commercial work, both refurbishments and new builds.

    The latest new product to be added to our portfolio is Topseal Direct Lay. The major advantage with this flat roof refurbishment system is that it can be fitted onto existing substrates and directly applied to tissue-backed insulation, if a project requires improved thermal performance. This means that the roof refurbishment can be carried out more quickly and the building can remain in use throughout the process, providing greater convenience.

    Topseal Direct Lay also comes with a 20 year guarantee and the other Topseal flat roofing systems come with a 25 – 40 year guarantee. All the Topseal systems are BBA certified and are all becoming increasingly popular as they are safe and easy to install, as they are installed with no heat required. Products like Topseal Direct Lay are becoming widely specified too for refurbishment projects, as it is available in a range of colours and finishes to complement the aesthetics of a building and can overlay the existing substrate.

    As our flat roofing products can only be fitted by our approved installers, this gives our installers a clear advantage. And with the technical support and sales support from one of the UK’s leading flat roofing manufacturers, there are major pportunities for installers to increase their business opportunitiesin this area.”

    For more information on becoming a Topseal approved installer call us on 08000 831094 or email enquiries@topseal.co.uk.

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design your roof

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