• How long does it take to install a GRP Roof?Open or Close

    Typically a team can complete a double sized garage of around 30 sq meters including removing the old substrate in one day.

  • What topseal system should I specify for my application?Open or Close

    Generally, the standard system is suitable for all applications except where the substrate will be subject to heavy foot traffic or be used for water containment applications such as ponds or pools. Just give us a call or contact us via email with details and we can advise you on which system will best suit your application.

  • Can I use tiles/cladding/decking with Topseal? Open or Close

    Absolutely, as long as the grout does not contain cement the tiles can be laid directly to the laminate though you will need further guidance on bonding instructions depending on the application. Just call us to discuss your specific needs.

  • Is Topseal fire retardant?Open or Close

    Yes! Topseal is fire retardant to BS 476 part 3 and designated EXT.F.AA (double A rated.) the highest rating available for any flat roofing system.

  • Can I bond Topseal to lead/copper/concrete?Open or Close

    Yes, it is possible to bond to lead/copper/concrete with the use of a polyurethane adhesive. Call us to discuss your requirements further on 08000 831 094.

  • What is the minimum/maximum pitch I can use Topseal on?Open or Close

    Topseal can be used on any pitch up to vertical and it can be used for completely flat areas. These areas may hold water without any detrimental affect on the material.

  • Who will install my roof?Open or Close

    A Topseal fibreglass flat roof is only installed by Topseal trained and approved installers. You can confirm an installer’s credentials with the installer verification box on the homepage or alternatively give our friendly customer service team a call.

  • What if I decide to sell my home, will the guarantee be transferable?Open or Close

    We are confident that our roofs will last well in excess of the guaranteed period and are happy to transfer the guarantee with the sale of the property. Please let us know if you decide to transfer your guarantee so we can update our records. (A small admin fee will be charged)

  • What is BBA approval?Open or Close

    The British Board of Agrément (BBA) is an organisation partnered with Government, whose Governing Board includes representation on behalf of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. The BBA provides authoritative and independent information on the performance of building products. Assessment involves three distinct areas; laboratory testing, site inspections undertaken by the BBA’s own Inspection Services team and factory production control. The British Board of Agrément Certificate (can be viewed at www.bbacerts.co.uk (no.93/2932)) guarantees that each Topseal installation can only be completed by trained and approved contractors and that every Topseal branded material must undergo constant quality control checks and be traceable right back to manufacture.

  • Will a salesperson visit to sell me a Topseal roof?Open or Close

    No. If you decide you would like a free of charge survey and quotation a trained and approved installer will visit your house to provide you with the quotation. If you have any questions they can talk you through all of the options for colours and finishes and answer any other questions you might have. They are not sales people and they won’t use high pressure sales techniques. Our installers are trained to present the product in an honest and transparent way.

  • How much does a Topseal fibreglass roof cost?Open or Close

    Each roof has to be priced to suit the roof as every roof tends to be different. A Topseal installer can attend to survey your roof and provide a free of charge quotation. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

  • How long does a roof take to 'dry'? what if it rains?Open or Close

    The roof normally cures within an hour or so of being laid. it is laid in two stages; the main laminate and the topcoat. Either layer can be stopped at any time and covered over to be continued when the weather is next suitable.

  • Can Topseal be laid as a warm roof?Open or Close

    Yes, this can be requested on the product selector or just give us a call if you have any further questions. The roof can be installed with any amount of insulation incorporated to suit the application or to suit current part ‘L’ regulations.

  • Why is Topseal only installed by Topseal approved installers?Open or Close

    Topseal is a BBA certified flat roofing system, that can only be purchased and installed by Topseal trained and approved installers. Each Topseal installation is available with a 20 - 40 year guarantee.

  • Is there an option to overlay the existing roof?Open or Close

    Yes, the Topseal Direct Lay system is a BBA approved flat roofing system that can be installed by overlaying a number of roof substrates including felt, asphalt and concrete.

  • What substrates can the Topseal Direct Lay system be used on?Open or Close

    The Topseal Direct Lay flat roofing system, can be applied directly to a range of materials including felt, asphalt, concrete and tissue-backed insulation.

  • What area does Topseal cover?Open or Close

    Topseal has a nationwide network of approved installers. For details of your local Topseal approved installer, call our friendly customer service team on 08000 831 094.

  • What guarantees are available with a Topseal roof?Open or Close

    Topseal offer a 20 - 40 year product and workmanship guarantee, this depends on the Topseal system you choose to have installed. You also have the added option of a Topseal guarantee protection certificate and a insurance backed guarantee. You can discuss this further with your local Topseal approved installer or a member of the team at Topseal on 08000 831 094.